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Carlton Montecitto II Hardwood

Carlton Montecitto II

Carlton Montecitto II is distinctive and unpararelled

The Montecitto II from Carlton Hardwood brings the charm of hickory wood into your home and lives with unmatched strength in hardness and a comfortable appeal. The Carlton Montecitto II is a line of hardwood flooring which you will find excellent as a flooring option to consider if you wished to enhance the appearance of a home that is in need of a fresh look.

You can bet that the pieces available under the Carlton Hardwood’s Montecitto II are absolutely beautiful, capable of bringing a style and flair to any space where they are applied that is rarely surpassed by other floors. These floors are built with years of unpararelled beauty in mind, with distressed, engineered planks of 1/2” in width of 5”.

Plan a distinctive look for your home, whether it is classical, upscale, modern, artistic, or rustic, you can be assured that these hardwood floors are capable of accentuating it perfectly while tying together all the décor elements of almost any space. The distinctive two color variant available under the Carlton Hardwood’s Montecitto II are Harvest and Natural.

The Natural presents a wheat like color with its light ivory yellowish tones that draw in natural light for a beaming atmosphere throughout your living space. If you are planning to have rooms with large, bright areas with dark toned furniture, go for the Natural as a contrasting option.

The Harvest piece brings tones of reds swirled in brown that will radiant and luminous in many different settings. If warmth of cozy is what you are aiming for, perhaps for a comfortable looking bedroom that has lots of flowery prints, this is something to consider. You can match this look with vintage crafted cabinets, bedside table and large mirrors on the wall for a medieval like appeal. Soft lighting will also help with setting the mood.