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Carlton Monterey Hardwood

Carlton Monterey

The Monterey hardwood collection from Carlton brings to life the timeworn aesthetics of the birch and maple species, with influences from the lovely seaside town that's home to vintage car races, lush golf courses, and migrations of cute sea lions. Well, they're not so cute when they show up in droves, start loudly hollering, and using beaches as their own dumping ground, but we can't fault them. They're sea lions, not music festival attendants. So, loud sea mammals aside, enjoy the Monterey collection without all the riff raff that comes with the small city.

Offered in eight different colors, Carlton Monterey offers the shabby chic design aesthetics that are increasingly popular combined with the modern appearances of wide 6.25" hardwood planks. Wheat is the lightest color, perfect for accentuating natural sunlight flowing into your living space. As annoying as this might be at first, you will be less tempted to press that snooze button on the alarm clock than you will be to get out of bed and close the blinds like a vampire, but if you made it that far from where you sleep, you might as well get dressed and seize the day without encountering awful traffic on your way out the door. In contrast, Balor is much darker for those who wish to avoid daylight like the plague. For those who like healthy mediums, the intermediate browns of Burlap and the traditional auburn tones of Samo are a perfect fit. You've got plenty of other things to worry about besides your flooring, and that's why Monterey comes with a lifetime structural and 25-year finish warranty. Don't take any chances like we did trying to get close photographs of sea lions lounging about on the beach, and go with Carlton Monterey hardwood.