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Carlton Sonoma Hardwood

Carlton Sonoma

Carlton Sonoma hardwood flooring is an ideal match for a solid, dignified ambience that captures the history of its namesake town. Unbeknownst to most, Sonoma was the capital of the short-lived California Republic—and no, we're not referring to the fringe groups in every state that advocate secession every now and again, we're talking about way back in the 1800s here—so it's only appropriate that Carlton Sonoma hardwood brings out aesthetic themes of historical designs. Sporting a wide range of colors and high shade variation between individual planks, the visuals will be any history buff's dream, taking its influence from the Spanish colonial presence in Sonoma centuries ago.

The hand-scraped finish of this collection complements the popularity of vintage chic, handcrafted designs without sacrificing durability or utility. These engineered hardwoods can be installed virtually anywhere, as they are less susceptible to moisture. Still, we don't recommend installing Carlton Sonoma (or any hardwood for that matter) in place of your cool deck surrounding your swimming pool, but crazier things have been done. These beautiful 6.25" wide planks offer a more modern look and will save you on installation time. As much as we love narrow strips, too, we certainly don't want to take centuries installing a truly vintage aesthetic. In addition to the hand-scraped options, a smooth finish is also available for a shinier, more up-to-date luster. The Smooth Smoke option retains the dusty browns and swirling patterns of its hand-scraped counterpart without the rugged texture, allowing for easier cleaning. Bronze and Toffee are similar in color but showcase a slightly lighter brown. Staying true to natural walnut hardwood aesthetics, the Smooth Natural option lets the species' golden amber tones shine through without any bells and whistles, ideal for unashamed hardwood purists.