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Carlton Wine Country Hardwood

Carlton Wine Country

Natural hardwood selection with Carlton Wine Country

The Carlton Wine Country collection doesn’t give you the license to get drunk and party because that is exactly what you have been searching for to install in your vintage, European styled home. You may have been looking for something to renew in your home after living with the same flooring that came with the home when you bought it. Although your present flooring is still durable and can withstand a few more years of abuse, the style could be an old-fashioned one that needs to be changed.

So that the chance now to do exactly this with Carlton Hardwood’s Wine Country collection. It could be a specific area in your home you are looking at renewing or it could be the entire home. There are ten options under the Carlton Hardwood’s Wine Country collection you can choose from and you can choose different designs for different rooms.

The Wine Country is made from hickory, maple and walnut wood and is presented in ½’ thickness and widths of 6/1/4”. The coffee colored, weathered tones of Paos Robles and Carmel beach will bring a contemporary charm even to the dullest of spaces while reddish brown tones of Chablis and Calistoga gives oodles of excellent looking ridges for an authentic, stately look.

The Santa Cruz, Los Olivos and Wine Barrel has a smooth look that will give a clean feeling either in your upstairs room or the downstairs den. Your television parlor, which you have set aside particularly for your younger children will exude warmth when the weather outside is cold. If you have window in this room, make sure your window treatments are of light fabrics to give a contrast with the texture of the flooring.

The Bianco and the Brunello are some of the most natural looking floors in the market as if though, the forest has walked into your home and decided to serve you as your companion. A visual delight to the senses and a luxury on the feet.