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Casa Dolce Casa Materia Project

Casa Dolce Casa’s Materia collection offers new surfaces and colours

The Italians have done it again with the Materia Project by Casa Dolce Casa tile-makers. The Casa Dolce Casa’s Materia is a coordinated porcelain and glass tile range that has eight different colors with six distinctive surfaces which integrate perfectly together to create some of the most exquisite interior decoration designs in modern history.

Trust the Italians to come up with some chic and modern although known for their classical styles and history with stonework. The Materia collection has picked up a feature that sees its pallet and surfaces to look and feel like they have had a lifelong echoing of worn stone, reclaimed timber and old concrete to amongst others.

The diversity of the Casa Dolce Casa’s Materia’s materials are enhanced through subtraction, characterises the décor and the rich texture to create convincing elegance that will reverberate through any home. Simple and sophisticated, this tile range is a constant balance between old style craftsmanship and modernism, art and design, through a delicate and attractive line of colours. What could be more authentically Italian than this?

Available in eight colours or “moodboards” which integrate perfectly with one another, the Materia presents designs such as Bark, Crusted, Glass and Décor all offering their own textures. They come in Honed 5x5 and 30x30 mosaic tiles, modular listellos in 21x40, Honed and Brushed Modular Listellos, Modular Listello in Glass, Décor surfaces in oval patterns and Décor Triangle in 80x80 Brushed and Honed.

The colors offered are light grey, dark grey, marble pearl, dark lavender, muted pea green, beige and a smoky grey. The dark and light contrasts are inspired by the color palatte and the elegance is obtained through the color’s characterises mixed in with the rich décor schemes. Simple and sophisticated, this Materia is a constant balance between old style craftsmanship and modernism through an attractive line of colours.