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Casa Dolce Casa Nera (Special Order)

Casa Dolce Casa Nera Fine Porcelain Stoneware Tiles (Special Order)

Casa Dolce Casa Nera Fine Porcelain Stoneware Tiles is exactly what the company states in its branding ‘Home Sweet Home’. These porcelain tiles are made in Italy with the American homeowner in mind. This chic, elegant tile towers head and shoulders above its fellow competitors. Why? Just look at it! With the same flair and attention to detail that you’ll see on residents of Italy’s city streets, the Nera stoneware collection is sleek, sexy, classy and modern, and who wouldn’t want some Italian inspiration in their home? If this tile were a man (tile has no gender) it could never be called the couch potato who insists on watching Friday night football in his pajamas. Nero’s aftershave would be mesmeric; his charm irresistible, and we haven’t even gotten to the bedroom yet.

Available in six sensuous tones --White, Warm Grey, Cool Grey, Brown and Black – each seductive selection offers versatility and puts the design world at your quivering fingertips, turning your room of choice into a perfect ‘Casanova catcher’ whether you use Nera tiles at home or at work. A hint of colored marbling with a subtle rippled style gives this tile the perfect finish to set the level of luxurious in any room in your abode at its maximum.

Offered in 47” x 47”, 23.62” x 47”, 11.75” x 47” and 23.62” x 23.62”, this tile is available in a multitude of sizes offering a different feel and look to your room. Combine the correct color scheme with just the right size tile and instantaneously there is sure to be a queue of hunky Italians outside willing to get acquainted with your new flooring. Made in Italy, this fine porcelain stoneware is sheer quality. Admittedly we can’t guarantee a suave Italian fitter to come and fit them for you, but the classy choice may inspire ‘Mr. Friday night football’ to remove himself from the sofa and start doing some overdue handy work around the house