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Casa Dolce Casa Neutra (Special Order)

Casa Dolce Casa Neutra

Casa Dolce Casa is known for wanting to make your home, essentially, you. The ability to make your spaces exactly as you like is not easy with some tile lines, but Casa Dolce Casa has made anything possible and left no stone of style unturned in bringing you the first of the Casamood collection, Neutra. Inspired by the architect Robert Neutra who appreciated unbounded options and limitless landscapes, Neutra is set to give you exactly what you are looking for. Beyond being a perfect porcelain stoneware tile that uses Casablend technology to create a full body product, suitable for Heavy Commercial traffic, Neutra also brings in play multiple mediums to ensure your look it, just right, at least for you. Anything is possible in this world and Neutra makes this sentiment a reality in your décor dreams. Available in natural and Lux finishes to absorb or lightly reflect natural light, 7 colors are sensational for any setting or décor. Most fit for the contemporary who don’t like to conform, apply glass, grout, adhesive, paint, make up and latex grout all in the same colors to create a seemingly seamless ambiance and appeal. Express freely and match masterfully with Neutras luxurious nuances.

The color scheme is set to form a foundation for your artwork and accouterments. Bianco, Avorio, Silver, Tortora, Cemento, Moka, and Carbone offer everything you need and more in a design line Diversity in size allows you to make any room, big or small, dynamic and with architectural aspects in mind, offices will obtain ornate opulence as well: 5cm x 5cm (mosaic), 40cm x 40cm, 10cm x 60cm, 60cm x 60cm, 60cm x 120cm, and 80cm x 80cm will complete and compliment any couture, allowing commercial buildings and residential properties alike to feel like Casa Dolce Casa, or Home Sweet Home. This is a special order, Italy stock, which takes 14-16 weeks to import and is not returnable.