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Casabella Hardwood Estate Birch

Casabella Hardwood Estate Birch

With a name like Estate Birch under the Casabella’s Hardwood Flooring collection, we really hope you are going to choose this to be installed in that estate you had just inherited from your crazy, cat lady aunt. Cat lady aunts will love that timeworn, vintage hardwood look made from trees which have been lovingly chopped many moons ago.

Many people are fans of hardwood flooring and it’s something that can be chosen to give a living area a look of elegance and classiness. It doesn’t matter you’re not really living in your old aunt’s estate manor but even in a little loft apartment in New York, you can bring back antiquity with the Casabella Estate Birch collection.

We want to offer you two completely different look under its wings. One is the sexy dark long plank hardwood of Casabella Estate Birch Modena. The Modena is so deliciously sexy because sexy is the only way to describe it, that it will not just bring character into your little apartment if that’s what you can afford for now but it will bring passion too. Think about having clear white long cut curtains for your bedroom windows and bed frame which is intricately designed too. If you spent less on buying your place, then you can spent a little bit more into making it a home.

On the tanned, golden side, think of all those beautiful, blonde haired boys (or girls) on a Californian beach when you look at Casabella Estate Birch Vienna. Velvet tanned colored couches or neutral colored kitchen cabinets will look hot complemented with the Estate Birch Vienna hardwood flooring.

When you think of vintage, you needn’t have to go so far in time. Vintage is also the 60s, 70s and 80s. So, when you imagine sexy darks and golden Californian hardwood flooring, think about Casabella Estate Birch in vintage 70s and decorate bravely!