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Casabella Hardwood Laurel Oak

Casabella Hardwood Laurel Oak

Beauty hath no had so much ogling in the case of Casabella Hardwood’s Laurel Oak floor collection and no, Shakespeare did not say that. However, he would have if ever had to choose hardwood flooring for his manor in the Elizabethan era.

If the Casabella Laurel Oak collection had been available during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, she would have gone for it with a zeal that she never had for marriage. And probably got Shakespeare to write poetry for it too! What is there not to write about when you have such a beautiful collection that will look simply stunning in any home.

Do you have a boring, old townhouse? No problem. We recommend the Casabella Laurel Oak Sardinia to make it less boring every time you go home after a stressful day at the office. Besides, why do you have to work so hard to buy hardwood flooring you were only half sure about but that won’t be the case here.

You have chosen your white, pure vintage wood kitchen cabinets where you will be doing all the cooking and baking like the good housewife you are. Or at least, pretend you are because you’re just a high ranking corporate figure. Feast your eyes on the dark, passionate high grade hardwood planks of Casabella Laurel Oak Genoa. If you ever bring an Italian man home for dinner, this is your conversation starting point.

Want to have a nondescript looking hardwood floor because you just can’t be bothered? Then choose well at least without much analyzing with Casabella Laurel Oak Veneto. This is simple beauty, no need much explanation. If bold and morose is your middle name, then Casabella Laurel Oak Abruzzo in stimulating dark, metal grey is the thing for you.

You want to mix and match some hardwood flooring and tiles in your residential area, well then go for the Casabella Laurel Oak Milano because the shade that this design carries emulates some natural stone look. This will be easy for you to blend different materials and you will be non the wiser.