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Casabella Hardwood Portofino Oak

Casabella Portofino Oak

You work hard, you play hard, you should home hard too. Hardwood that is. Escape from all the hardness with nature-created Casabella Hardwood Portofino Oak flooring that's inspired by Europe's Renaissance Era. Hardwood is timeless and Casabella's perfected the antiquing and aged reclaimed style you're looking for in your home getaway. In your own home you can recreate the rustic style of old world European Manors and step like royalty on deliciously long, wide planks featuring natural distressing, rustic knots and quarter sawn veneers.

So here's the coolest part. You can maintain your busy lifestyle on your Casabella Hardwood Portofino Oak floors without worry. The day to day rumble and tumble of movement actually improves the rich character, elegant patina, and other unique elements of Portofino Age Crafted Flooring. It truly becomes richer with age! Deepen your love for your floors by just living on them!

Hardwoods weren't typically easy to maintain, but these are. Maintenance of Portofino's natural oil finish is easy, so it starts beautiful, increases in beauty and therefore stays beautiful. A Natural Oil Finish penetrates the wood fibers and hardens them without altering the natural look of the wood. (Note: The colors Sienna and Taverna are not oil finished they have a carbonized finish).

The Casabella Hardwood Portofino Oak flooring is easy to care for as only periodic applications of WOCA maintenance oil are required to nourish the wood and bring back its luster, then you'll enjoy the signs of everyday wear and use, and look forward to becoming one with your floors. It's a whole new way to enjoy the beauty of hardwood flooring without the fear of "ruining" anything or needing to treat the entire floor if one spot needs repair. And if that doesn't fill you with joy, Portofino's 30 Year Warranty certainly will.