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Casabella Hardwood Presidential Oak

Casabella Hardwood Presidential Oak

There is only one way why this Casabella Hardwood collection is called Presidential Oak and that is because this style looks like what is inside the presidential palace. It can be any presidential palace in the world and not just in the US because a collection like this will not go unnoticed in the eyes of presidential builders.

Will you be surprised if Sasha and Malia were running up and down on gangways where the Casabella Presidential Oak hardwood planks are installed? We won’t so you shouldn’t as well. Featuring aluminium oxide toughness, this collection is great at resisting scuffs that you can be assured no presidential Barbie Dolls fighting play could ever damage such durable hardwood flooring.

Under the Casabella Presidential Oak collection, we have four fantastic and distinguished looking hardwood plank gentlemen. Just think of them as your four favorite presidents in the history. Casabella Presidential Oak Coffee is certainly a nice interpretation of our current president. Durable and tough it may look on the outside but inside it is all soft and charm that will make a lasting impression.

Wondered what kind of flooring old George would have chosen for the most important room in the world? Well, we would like give a suggestion with Casabella Presidential Oak Gunstock color and design. This tough manly man first commander in chief would have waved his hand in agreement once he had a glimpse of these hardwood planks.

Putting yourself in Mrs. Clinton’s shoes, wouldn’t you have loved to decorate your tearoom to entertain the toughest of the toughest guest where the Casabella Presidential Oak Natural was installed? It would’ve made a brilliant conversation piece for those awkward moments.

Together with all her wonderful brooches, the former secretary of state, a Madame Albright, would have been pleased to have briefed her commander in chief sitting in an office where the Casabella Presidential Oak Saddle may have given a good run for the money competing with those excellent brooches.