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Casabella Hardwood Red Oak Classic

Casabella Hardwood Red Oak Classic

Please don’t make the mistake that you have seen all oak hardwood flooring once you have seen one because you obviously haven’t seen the Casabella Hardwood San Pietro White Oak hardwood flooring. Oak maybe just an oak in other collections but it is more than that here in this particular collection.

San Pietro is the name of Saint Peter in Italian and it is the name given to many different things in Italy throughout history from islands to churches and even castles. We would like to imagine that in this case with the Casabella San Pietro Oak collection, it was given in honor of the San Pietro (Saint Peter) Basilica in the Vatican City because the thought of it being named after a battle or an island doesn’t fit in.

Saint Peter’s Basilica is one of the four major basilica of all the papal basilicas at the Vatican City and it is the most prominent building too since it sits in the middle of St Peter’s Square. Having been around since the time of Constantine the Great in AD319 in many different forms, it must have seen some major changes in upholstery throughout these years.

Three gorgeous colors and designs will put to shame any other hardwood flooring installed in very old, musty looking libraries where the secrets of the world might be kept. We can only think of something as the muted beauty of Casabella San Petro Oak Firenze installed in these kinds of libraries at the Vatican City.

When you choose Casabella San Pietro Oak Trento for your bedroom, you can hang the Pope’s photo on the wall to remind you to speak to God every night. With the Church’s progressive outlook nowadays, they might be more than happy to have Casabella San Pietro Oak Sorrento in the Pope’s little guest parlour. This more than enough motivation for your own guest parlour too.