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Casabella Hardwood San Pietro White Oak

Casabella Hardwood San Pietro White Oak

Balance, balance, balance. We're told every day we need to find and achieve balance, and usually that's easier said than done. But not with our Casabella Hardwood San Pietro White Oak series of flooring choices that strike the perfect balance between the antique, old world charm of hardwood and your need to stay a bit more modern. The luxurious, regal look of hardwood flooring is timeless. It's deep and filled with history. And you want that! But you also don't want an 80s oak veneer look. You want to be modern and rich and delicious, and we can do that for you.

Each individual Casabella Hardwood San Pietro White Oak plank is truly unique in its character and visual accents and elements. Beautiful open grained, brushed texture of solid wide plank floors will gracefully adorn and instantly upgrade your home. Satisfy the most discriminating tastes in styles from those living in, or visiting, your home. They'll all fall in love with the luxe, antiqued, reclaimed look that says you shopped long and hard and paid more than you should have. Sssshh, it will be our little secret. Escape from all the stress of finding the perfect floors elsewhere, as we've got the nature-created Casabella Hardwood San Pietro White Oak flooring that's perfect for you right here.

Also to note, hardwoods of years ago weren't typically easy to maintain, but these are. Their UV cured high-performance finish allows for long-lasting durability so you get more bang for your buck and less worry in your day to day living. And if that doesn't fill you with joy, Portofino's 30 Year Warranty certainly will.