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Casabella Olde Hickory Handscraped Laminate

Casabella Olde Hickory Handscraped Laminate

Casabella’s Olde Hickory laminate flooring collection is a great addition for an old English cottage interior design. Why do you ask? Simply because it is hickory, the choice wood that was used in ye olde golden days of the British Empire and for its durability. Imagine a time when electricity was magic, horses were the mode of transportation and television was simply the local juggler putting on a show.

These were times when life was hard in the potato fields for the peasants while the nuevo bourgeoisie were having a laugh at life imitating the French. For the peasants, something like Casabella’s Olde Hickory Remington would have been just a dream in a farmhouse with mud flooring. For the middle class English, Casabella’s Olde Hickory Woodstock would have been the talk of the town, installed in one’s summer cottage in the country.

We are of course referring to a wonderful English summer cottage in the likes of where the Dashwood sisters lived in Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. White painted panelled walls would be the setting for their best china plates and tea sets while little crystal vase filled with scented phlox would be sitting idly on antique pine side tables. Suitors would be welcomed in parlours where mint green chinoisiere would be adorned on the walls.

To take the sturdy click clack of riding boots worn on dashing English gentlemen’s feet, the durability of laminate flooring such as the Casabella’s Olde Hickory will be much needed. And how incredibly marvelled they will be once they walk inside such an English cottage installed with such beauties, both in person and in flooring.

Make sure you have other little charming things like vases with anemonies sitting on the windowsill or great big bureaus that hide all that is to hide in your home. Footstools with flower print fabrics are a must for a charming English cottage look and imagine having a bulldog always present in the living room next to the faux fireplace. Even if its just a statue of one. Cheerio!