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Casabella Safari Handscraped Laminate

Casabella Safari Handscraped Laminate

What else can we promote for an idea of a theme with Casabella’s Safari Handscraped laminate wood floor collection? Oh yes, we will be taking a ride through a safari with these babies. When you look at these laminate flooring you know that Africa has come to America just like in that old Eddie Murphy movie. Vintage and raw-like grooves and rings can be seen in this collection while African native species have been used.

Welcome to the land of new opportunities of Africa, where new economies are thriving to rise and its people are spreading to other parts of the world just like 200, 000 years ago. Unlike what you may have thought previously, Africa is a continent as opposed to one country where many different cultures and societies are thriving. If you would like to have a theme, then you must think carefully which African theme would specifically suit you.

Do you like the northern regions of Africa where deserts, Arab speaking nomadic tribes are the natives? Then, you have to go for a desert spring and oasis themed styles. Fountains, bonsai baobab trees, Moroccan lights, hand woven silk brocades are great to go with Casabella’s Safari Handscraped Amendoim, Jatoba Natural and Tigerwood.

If you go all the way to the western southern part of Africa, you will get the real safari like themes where animal prints, leather, fur, Zulu hats, demonic looking masks and beads should be accommodated with Casabella’s Safari Handscraped Acacia Natural, African Sunset and Acacia Rum. Hand woven rugs patterned after tigers and elephants can made a great throw rug on leather sofas.

Don’t forget to adorn your walls with spears, Mama Africa themed clocks, nasty looking phallic symbols and those very cute looking carved wooden safari animals. If you are really into the safari theme, there is a possibility you can lay two long pieces of carved wooden crocodiles, which are a symbol of fertility in regions of West Africa. Your safari theme can be created into being something very classy with a mix of prime colors or something really tacky with a mixture of knickknacks from all over the continent. Once you go Africa, you’ll never go back.