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Casabella Santorini Handscraped Laminate

Casabella Santorini Handscraped Laminate

Casabella’s Santorini Handscraped laminate flooring collection has a touch of the Venetian style put into it. To be inspired by the watery town of Venice with its romance and charm is indeed a wonderful experience. There are many different elements of Venice you can take inspiration from but you may also pick a theme inspired by an event, like the Carnival of Venice.

The Carnival of Venice or Carnevale di Venezia is an annual festival where it ends with the Christian celebration of Lent, forty days before Easter on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras), the day before Ash Wednesday. The festival is famed for its elaborate masks and costumes.

True to the spirit of the Carnival, celestial themes come up as a popular theme in Venetian interior design. Wall plaques often incorporate glittering images of the sun, moon, or stars. The use of gold or silver metallics like of the masks presented during the Carnival is epitomized in Venetian style in the form of gilded chandeliers, gold leafed crown moulding, or even hand-painted metallic accents on furniture.

What could be more than suitable the Casabella’s Santorini Handscraped collection to accompany this style? Choose either Casabella Santorini Handscraped Splendor, Valetta, Salerno or Olympus from the collection. The mixed history of Venice can be recreated by displaying an eclectic mixture of art and accessories such as those collected on worldwide travels. This is represented in the masks and costume designs from the Carnival.

Try filling bookcases or shelves with vintage books and interesting objects which you can find at flea markets, thrift stores, and estate sales. Venetian interior design can also be energized by paintings or murals which depict dazzling scenes of this unique city island. Once again, some of these scenes or stories are also represented in the Carnival. This could be seen in masks made after characters like The Plague Doctor with the long beak, the Moretta represented by the oval black velvet mask and the comedic character mask of the Harlequin. Just make sure your inspiration doesn’t run all the way to Jim Carrey’s mask in the end too.