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Casabella Williamsburg Distressed Laminate

Casabella Williamsburg Distressed Laminate

Nothing smells as colonial than the Casabella’s Williamsburg Distressed laminate floor collection. The whiff of colonial America is unavoidable here and definitely up your alley if a colonial style design idea is what you’re looking for. In fact, you can channel much of the American Revolution idea with Casabella’s Williamsburg Distressed collection perfectly.

First let’s take a look at a little history lesson to get the vibe of the design ideas. Long time ago, the American Revolution had turned from a political debate to an armed combat and the people of Williamsburg, Virginia were compelled to make difficult choices to break ties with the mothership. This reshaped their concept of citizenship and defined the bounds of democracy and republican forms of government. In 1776, the Continental Congress voted for independence Virginia is one of thirteen fledgling states struggling just to survive. Naturally, a little colonial town decided to fight the biggest military power in the world namely Great Britain.

The American colonial design embraces quite a few different designs from Europe but around 1776, it was most probably Georgian in nature. Think about having floor plans with elliptical, rounded rooms and domed or arched ceilings or graceful decorative ornament carved in wood or cast in plaster applied to mantels, walls and ceilings. Casabella’s Williamsburg Distressed has seven different designs to offer under its collection. With the above mentioned ideas, Williamsburg Distressed dark laminate flooring like Dark Walnut, Hazel Nut, Sunrise Walnut and Carmel Mahogany are all prime candidates.

Did you know colonials had curved open staircases that included classically decorated pediments and pilasters? Not only that but they also liberally used decorative motifs like swags, garlands, urns, and classical geometric patterns. These were also liberally used on exterior door surrounds, entry porches, over windows, along cornices or in panelled wall inserts.

What could be more delicious that curved open staircases running down to laminate flooring such as Williamsburg Distressed Harvest, Sand or Zanzibar Grey? Don’t miss out on the classical American Colonial style today as your inspiration with Casabella’s Williamsburg Distressed collection. Get all your gun’s out to go get some Tories behinds.