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Ceramica Sant'Agostino Native

Sant’Agostino Native brings you unique patterns

Your search for absolute modern aesthetics to fill up a home with contemporary art pieces is now over with the arrival of the Sant’Agostino Native series. Are you the kind of person who likes to think out of the box and spend money on arty-farty stuff that nobody understands? Then you are the kind of person who would find the mixing of shades from a combination of tiles which makes up the unique patterns the bomb. Especially when it is no longer left to the installer’s whim and fancy but comes designed and controlled like a pattern in a box.

In fact, every single tile you will see in the Sant’Agostino Native series is made with graphics placed inside the module in the position which eventually brings out the modern beauty in the tile. Consequently each single pattern is unique, and the presentation, especially, in large spaces, enhances the blending of tones, the material depth and the dynamism of the whole graphic.

If you a planning a home where Picasso prints and Mondriaans play a huge part in decorative ideas, the Sant’Agostino Native series will complement them in ways you can never imagine until you see it. With the addition of the modular patterns in your home, a new frontier opens to pattern display of ceramic tiles, for both floors and walls, where the evolution of digital techniques is interpreted and exploited to the maximum by the ingenuity and skills of Sant'Agostino’s designers.

Choose from the magnificent tones of Dark, Grey, Fire and Beige where cuts come in hexagons and PC Pattern. You are looking at having handsome looking bathrooms, charming kitchen areas and living rooms that have their own personality. Alternatively, if you decide to go old world like in Italy or France, you will find the Native series still pleasing and easy to match with exotic things like marble sculptures art made of mosaic on the walls.