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Ceramica Sant'Agostino Tile

Ceramica San’t Agostino

The Ceramica San’t Agostino ceramics company is a company that makes wall tiles and porcelain in classic and contemporary designs. The company has been in existence for around forty years and it is one of Italy’s foremost ceramics manufacturers who are well known in the industry for their ethical practices with concerns for the environment.

They started in 1964, where the first Ceramica Sant’ Agostino factory was set up near Ferrara, Italy away from the more concentrated area for ceramics manufacturing in Emilia. This is to facilitate a stronger autonomy for the company in terms of their numerous ceramics ware projects while at the same time creating and setting up innovative, strategic visions for the future of their products.

The Ceramica San’t Agostino company has a very rigorous control on their raw materials, which are bought from some of the best international suppliers. They are known for maintaining the human element in business relationships and making sure their human resources are continuously enhanced.

The company value human development as one of the key features for the growth of their company and one of the most important pillars in their strength too. These elements are key together with other elements like inventiveness, the abundance of renewal capacity, avant-garde design, quality and after sale service, research and lastly, the uncompromising heritage of Ceramica Sant'Agostino being a leader in the their specific market.

One of the most important things they find important is also the ethical practices of manufacturing with regards to the environment. Being in the forefront in the manufacturing field today means to be able to face the environmental problems and give concrete communication to customers about being more prepared in tackling environmentally friendly practices.

For many years now, the Ceramica Sant'Agostino has been using materials and systems that will safeguard the environment. They do not use any toxic or harmful material in the production processes and has at their disposal some of the most advanced technologies to reduce as much emissions and wastage as possible. This greatly reduces environmental impact from their manufacturing activities. Most of their necessary energy is self-produced or recycled from heat recovery systems and waste, both solid and liquid, are completely recycled in the production phases.

Some of the best products that have come out from these kinds of environmentally friendly manufacturing practices are porcelain collections like the Jungle, Luxor, Dutch, Memories and Piazze Toscane. Now, you can choose a heritage product which is not only classically beautiful but environmentally friendly too. Run by the original family which manages the factory, Ceramica Sant'Agostino’s products are manufactured 100% in Italy and continues to innovate design ideas for ceramics ware for the future.