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Ceramiche Piemme Purestone Porcelain

Ceramiche Piemme Purestone Porcelain

The Ceramiche Piemme Purestone collection features the soft pastels and smoothe textures of sandstone, reimagined to meet your contemporary design needs. Even stone-loving purists will embrace the look of Piemme Purestone porcelain tiles, and, with their exceptional performance and lasting elegance, everyone will love the durable scratch proof surfaces that are a snap to clean! Choose from three gorgeous shades in the Ceramiche Piemme Purestone collection. Beige is anything but bland with a luscious pallid hue of pink softly bringing your floors to life. Highlighted with fine traces of gray, Purestone Beige is a blushing beauty! The secret to Bianco's allure is its fine whispers of ivory and cream that ribbon through each tile. Subtle is the new profound, and Purestone Bianco is a revelation not to be missed! Grigio's gentle grays bring a pleasing and restful pallet to your home. Think of Purestone Grigio as the cashmere sweater in your home's wardrobe!

Ceramiche Piemme Purestone tiles come in a grand,12" x 24" field tile, and a rectangular 1" x 2" mosaic. Integrate these beautiful stone-look tiles into your space with 3" x 24" bullnose pieces to finish your edges and create a polished look. If you feel like you are cheating on real rock, then let's put your mind at ease. Even Betty Rubble would trade in his rocks for a floor made of Ceramiche Piemme Purestone. All the hippies would have gotten tiled instead of stoned. Even the band the Rolling Stones would have been called the Rectified Tiles had Ceramiche Piemme Purestone flooring been available in the Summer of Love. So get over any guilt and enjoy your new Ceramiche Piemme Purestone today!