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Cerdomus Club Porcelain

Cerdomus Club Porcelain

Love old looking planks that looked like it had been weathered in nicely then the Cerdomus Ceramic’s Club is the almost real deal you are looking for. This is porcelain tile at its best emulating a look which is probably not achievable with the best quality available. This is not just vintage or classical look of wood but this is real, beaten by sun and rain, paint chipping, splinter giving hardwood look. Probably looking like something taken from that old house in your neighbourhood that has been abandoned for awhile.

You don’t have to go to extremes to recreate that look when your have Cerdomus’s Club collection. Pair up the four rusty, looking paint chipped colors under this collection and you will never look back again. Great camouflage idea for all those oncoming children and pet accidents.

The most versatile of these colors are the Cerdomuc Club Beige where you can truly have a rainbow color mix match MMA fighting color thing going on in your living room. Please don’t be such a bore and have everything in all white with this color flooring as it will be a waste of creative space.

The slightly mixed grey brown and white of Cerdomus Club Grey is quite and inspiration too if you are thinking of decorating a room of horror a la Stephen King. Mr King probably had dreams of old buildings with chipped wooden roofs, floors and walls when he had concocted those funny stories about people with fangs. He would definitely approve of this recycled material tiles.

The Cerdomus Club White is of course not completely white but more like having fungus growing on it kind of white. If you are a fan of having the look of fungus growing on your wooden furniture, then this will be the thing you want to have adorning your floors. You can’t go wrong with the old wooden fungus look. The saving grace from this collection is the Cerdomus Club Tobacco with its smooth color finish and the darker shade of coffee tobacco. Nothing like the feel of a coffee and cigarette and this tile definitely gives off that vibe. So get that little table and your rocking chair corner spot going while you look out the big picture window and the Club Tobacco porcelain tile in your surroundings.