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Cerdomus Dome Porcelain

Cerdomus Dome Porcelain

Starbucks, drink your heart out! Listen, lots of people wake up in a crabby mood due to a simple lack of caffeine in their life, while other people wake up ornery due to a lack of style and pinache under their feet. Thankfully, we have Cerdomus Dome, a wonderful collection that offers sweeps and swirls of chocolates, vanillas, caramels, and mochas. Oh, yes, like a delicious cup of morning coffee, Dome delivers a warmth and comfort that, once taken in, fills the entire soul with optimism and delight. That is, if you’re anything like us. You see, much like we need to wake up from the unsightly and unpredictable forces that we are before those first few sips of elixir, your space is also doomed to the same fate should it fail to get the fix that it so desperately needs. All that being said, like a strongly brewed pot of bold Columbian, Cerdomus Dome porcelain tile will surely jolt your space into livelihood.

Available in four delightful flavors, Dome comes in Brown, a mix of warm vanilla, Charcoal, a deep cocoa brown, Rust, a gorgeous warm red, and Walnut, a perfect mocha dream. In the mood for espresso? Try mixing some Brown with Walnut! Also, as if tasty color on its own wasn’t yummy enough, Cerdomus Dome has been made available in five sizes, to include an 8” x 8”, an 8” x 16”, a 16” x 16”, a 16” x 24” and a 24” x 24” tile. In turn, this equals a nearly endless list of design and pattern possibilities. So, go on, what are you waiting for? The sooner you get some Cerdomus Dome into your mornings, the better!