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Cerdomus Epic Rectified Porcelain

Cerdomus Epic Rectified Porcelain

No one wants to deal with more hassle. If our world was suddenly hassle-free no one would complain about it. When you are considering a remodel you seek any way possible to do it with the least amount of hassle, right? So, short of installing the tile yourself the best thing you could do for your space, and you peace of mind, is to use Cerdomus Epic Rectified Porcelain Tile. With your impeccable taste you were probably considering wood materials, but with your intellect we are sure you already realized that wood is anything but hassle-free.

This Epic series boasts all the perks of a wood floors or paneling without the hassle that wood can cause. Wood is beautiful, but as far as wood’s perks go, that is just about the only one. Reclaimed wood so trendy right now, but searching for that perfect hundred-year-old barn wood is a hassle. Cerdomus Epic Rectified Porcelain Tile are the perfect alternative, and yet they are just as environmentally conscious, and the tiles have been created in dimensions that wood is typically not. Available in 40in x 4in panels and slightly more grandiose 40in x 8in panels, these porcelain tiles are less of a hassle to install than solid wood planks, and they are definitely less expensive. The great thing about the various colors is that you can mix and match the Pearl white or Camel tan in unique ways that would be such a hassle with reclaimed wood.

Don’t want splinters in the pads of your precious feet? Don’t let high-maintenance, creaky wood floors hassle you day in and day out. Cerdomus Epic Rectified Porcelain Tiles won't snag your new socks the way weathered wood can, and there's no danger of exposing your family to old lead paint or toxins from gnarly wooden pallets. Hassle free is the way to be.