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Cerdomus Lefka Porcelain

Cerdomus Lefka

Are your floors in need of a parquet pick-me-up? Does your linoleum need liposuction? Is your carpet just creepy and wearing gothic eye liner to get back at you and then sneaking out at night to smoke clove cigarettes with that trampy little area rug from across the street? (You know it’s only a matter of time before those two get into trouble and have samples!) Then it’s high time you had a flooring intervention with the Happy Floors Lefka collection! This exceptional tile is like the Celexa of Ceramic; it’s the Prozac of Porcelain! In fact, Lefka tiles are even better than drugs because you don’t need a prescription and the only side affect is good taste!

Choose from a soft and elegant pallet of colors including: White, Gray, Sand, Gold, and Walnut. Each beautiful base color is awash with dreamy pastels, crisp wisps of white, and creamy ivories for a diagonal sense of movement throughout any room. Perfect for high traffic areas that need to look elegant in a pinch: the kitchen, the entryway and of course all of your bathrooms! A variety of dimensions makes it easy to install these tiles no matter how big, or small the job: large 24” x 24” squares, 12” x 24” or 8” x 24” rectangles, and a stunningly chic 4” x 24” plank that draws the eye deep into any space. If you can’t decide on just one color of tile, check out the Lefka mosaic combinations: Ice, Cream, and Multi. Finish your custom look with bullnose and deco suite rectified tiles.

Order today so you, and your home, will feel better already!