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Cerdomus Soho Rectified Porcelain

Cerdomus Soho Rectified Porcelain

We could all learn a thing or two from Sweden. Aside from meatballs, Volvo, and ABBA, Sweden also gave us the glorious IKEA. The popular brand is known for its modern design, low cost, and environmentally-friendly simplicity. The Cerdomus Soho Rectified Porcelain Series is characterized by the same traits that has made IKEA so popular, and it also reflects the same honest charm. These porcelain tiles are so beautiful you may find yourself doing as the Swedes do, and asking guests to remove their shoes at the door. But you should know that these tiles are low maintenance and very easy to clean. So don’t fret if a meatball rolls off your plate or you accidentally squeeze a bit of caviar out of the tube too quickly.

There is a societal code of conduct in Sweden which really has no direct translation in English, but loosely translated, the word "lagom" means “just enough,” or “in moderation.” The Soho series has incorporated this concept into the aesthetics of this entire collection, so the tiles in your space will never take away from the design. They will, however, provide a simple elegance that can only help to emphasize the character and soul of the space you have created. Sweden’s winters are long, dark, cold, and depressing. So this collection comes in three bright and airy shades to combat the gloom: Beige, Gray, and Ice white will lighten any space no matter where you live. Each warm and inviting shade is available in 40in x 10in field or wall tiles.