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Coastal Wind Hardwood

Coastal Winds hardwood is versatile and easy to adapt

You may be planning to build a cabin in the woods to live out the rest of your life and what could be better than getting something rustic like the Coastal Winds Hardwood flooring as your base materials?

The Coastal Wind hardwood collection brings to life some of the popular tree species used in the industry for manly, rustic looks. Hickory and white oak are quite sought after when it comes to the adoration of main living areas like living rooms and bedrooms. These charming looking floors are versatile and have a sense of adaptability for anything from large rooms to little cabin like areas. Even when the cabin you are building is a multi-million dollar abode on the hills of Beverly.

Have a look at Coastal Winds’ Natural, South Padre and Grand Isle under the hickory species. Natural looking weather worn perspectives is what you will be getting with these flooring. The Natural even has a mix of colors under whites and light browns that will be perfect for rooms where natural lighting is planned. Use this specific flooring for large rooms and light material window treatments like organza for maximum chic effects.

Under the white oak, Coastal Winds brings Coronado, DestinBeach, Outer Banks, Cape Cod and Oregon Dunes like a story is being told about a coastal islands. Your cabin in the woods can be your cabin on the beach instead with these choices. The Oregon Dunes natural sandy brown is pretty perfect looking for modern as well as country kitchens. Cabinets can be in light colors with this flooring choice while even boxy looking patterns for window treatments would look pretty cool.

When it comes to Destin Beach, even an inner city apartment made to look like a cabin in the woods would experience a highly stylized treatment laid together with sleek looking furniture.