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Crossville Argent Porcelain

Crossville Argent Porcelain

Crossville’s Argent porcelain tile collection has been designed to amplify the rich look of the natural stone itself by giving it modern, contemporary fun look. No prude, uptight, vintage haunted mind would go for these babies which, comes in twelve deeply highlighted saturated colors and eight neutrals involving a cornucopia of reds, greens, blues and even purples for you to make a bold statement with large rectilinear porcelain stones.

The amazing Made in the USA Crossville Argent Porcelain tile collection deepens the already rich look of natural argent stone with its superbly saturated, but not overstated, shades. Offered in 12 x 24, 6 x 24, 6 x 6 sizes, Crossville’s Argent Porcelain Stone® comes in an incredible selection of literally delicious to the mind colorways of Beige, Blue, Brown, Cream, Gold, Gray, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow tiles, offering you so many options of fresh, textured colors and neutrals to choose from, it's mindblowing.

What all these colors on an understated stone means is that you're open to designing in Contemporary, Traditional, and Urban themes, using just the Crossville Argent Porcelain product. Not only as a homeowner, but as a builder and designer as well. You can coordinate the stone product throughout the dwelling, but use different colorways to evoke any theme you choose. Buyers will love the end product and scramble to sign on the dotted line before anyone else! Homeowners will relish the chance to get creative with colors without completely overpowering their space.

Easy to maintain, just use hot water (with a little cleaning product only as needed), and that will be all that you need - no waxing! Feel confident that Crossville’s revolutionary Hydrotect™ -- an invisible coating that "harnesses the power of light, water and oxygen" -- creates the best protection against dirt, pollution, and bacteria. While the honed finish is not recommended for wet areas where standing water may occur, or for exterior horizontal surfaces or exterior paving, you can easily put the Crossville Argent Porcelain tile series anywhere else on interior floors, walls, countertops, and exterior walls in both residential and commercial applications.