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Crossville Basalt Porcelain

Crossville Basalt - Discount Stone Look Porcelain Tile from Ecomoso

Heavy Duty Commercial Tile That Rocks

Crossville Basalt porcelain is tile collection that truly rocks. This flooring collection has three characteristics that immediately stand out, separating the Basalt Collection from the basic and boring pack - strength, style and shine. This collection is also ignited by fine graining details and the genuine look of volcanic stone - the inspiration that led to Basalt. The color palette features five earthy tones, all punctuated with a touch of crystalline sparkle. This dynamic collection offers a sturdy foundation for residential properties, and works especially well in commercial applications.

From lightest to darkest, the five striking colors in this collection (beginning with our personal favorite) are: charcoal gray Basalt Magma, followed by the chocolate brown Basalt Mafic, medium gray Basalt Bedrock, dark sandy brown Basalt Caldera and finally a light, silvery gray in Basalt Silica. It’s a gorgeous palette of powerful colors and it comes in two nominal sizes - 12x12-inch field tiles and rectangular 12x24-inch field tiles. The tiles are completed with a Cross-Sheen Finish, and the design aesthetic is rounded out by a pair of porcelain decorative trim pieces (6x12-inch Cove Base and 4x12-inch Bullnose).

The Crossville Basalt Collection allows you to relish in the benefits of porcelain tile. As homeowners, you will enjoy this affordable porcelain tile flooring in your home for years to come. For interior designers, architects, builders and contractors, this low cost porcelain tile is also built with extremely durable and will hold up beautifully in heavy-traffic areas. With a breaking strength of over 450 pounds, Basalt is stronger than most porcelain tile flooring on the market today. This porcelain tile is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

For a collection that gives you the stone look tile you crave on the long-lasting porcelain tile you love, get rocked by the Crossville Basalt Collection.

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