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Crossville Color By Numbers Porcelain

Crossville Color By Numbers Porcelain

This is not your average paint by numbers deal because this is Crossville’s Color By Numbers porcelain tile deal. The deal is, you can dream about ALL and EVERYTHING from the color spectrum and you will find it here. Dreaming about yellows that rock your living room? Nightmares about blacks in the bathroom? Visions of red in the kitchen? How about blue tinged hallways? No problem at all as you will find all these marvellous colors under the Crossville’s Color By Numbers.

As there are many color titles and sizes to be listed here from Crossville’s Color By Numbers collection, we can take a look at some of the more notorious colors you may want to pick to stand out. Trying to find a color suitable for a beach cottage theme maybe easier than you thought. Have a look at Color By Number’s Twelve O’Clock Rock and see if you can introduce some pacific like turquoise color blends. This is one of those colors that people usually don’t immediately pick right away but this shade is of the matte kind and is not blindingly bright. Mix beige and off white upholstery with cotton fabrics.

The other color you could contemplate on for that same beach themed home is the Color By Number’s Lucky Thirteen. Thirteen may be unlucky in some culture not in this collection. This bright blue is a must if you truly have rooms or areas where food is consumed and prepared overlooking a sea, a lake or any large body of water. Also, it looks great with cotton made upholstery and slotting in some feminine features like knitwear and embroidery is not such a bad idea.

For a refreshing take how you can include greens in your home, try the Color By Numbers Eleventh Hour. This very matte muted green will be a silent and sober green even in a minimalist’s home. Green is always associated with fresh and bright but it can also be associated with mold and sickness. In some cases, it can lay very comfortably for other brighter colors to take precedence. This porcelain tile is well suited for a contemporary style in an urban setting or at a country barn traditional home too.