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Crossville Cotto Americana

Crossville Cotto Americana

With many tile collections, trend meets tradition is a very common goal, and the idea behind this attempt is that a broader range of style qualification allows for more versatility. That being said, Crossville Cotto Americana offers just that: time-honored appeal paired with an up-to-the-minute format. More specifically, this series offers tradition through its authentic cotto stylings, and it also offers trend via its trendy color palette, non-variegated edges, and smart selection of deco and trim pieces. Then, when you add that to the reputation that Crossville has developed for delivering products that fuse form along with high function, Cotto American really does go from being the tile next door straight to centerfold material.

Oh, yeah, Cotto Americana is so good we can almost taste it as we write. What? Is that weird? Well, we LOVE tile and, sometimes, such as right now, we come across a tile that truly does make our mouths water. So, with all that said, our favorite flavors within this series include Tan, which ebbs and flows from soft buckskin to subtle mocha, and Black, which is a shade so soft it’s like a cashmere blanket for the eyes. Additionally, Crossville Cotto Americana comes is three standard sizes, which are six, twelve, and eighteen inch field tiles sizes, along with a fancy mosaic pattern and various trims. All in all, Cotto Americana is class and sass all in one, and if you’re space needs a spruce, this collection is sure to fit the bill.

Cotto Americana is a porcelain stone tile that offers a contemporary twist on old-world charm. Available in five carefully designed colors, Cotto Americana can be found in Beige, Tan, Red, Brown, and Black. Additionally, Cotto Americana can be obtained in the following sizes: 2"X2", 6"X6", 12"X12", 18"X18", 4"X12" (single bullnose), and 6"X12" (cove base)