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Crossville Cross Colors

Crossville Cross Colors

Make any look happen with Crossville Cross Colors Collection

Stop what you are doing right now and feast your eyes intently at Crossville Tile’s Cross Colors porcelain line collection. One of the most versatile color with madly stunning textured porcelain pieces in the market is what the Crossville Tile’s Cross Colors are all about. Everything you need for all your living space area is here and you need not look elsewhere anymore.

The Crossville Tile’s Cross Colors series of porcelain stone tile is slated to create a look that can be rustic, elegant, out of this world or just nutty. It offers you a chance to design versatile, tasteful spaces with personality and style as opposed to what Fred Flintstone might design for his pre-historic home much to the chagrin of his Wilma.

These tiles are available for flooring or for walls in either commercial or residential applications, and will look charming no matter in which area they are installed at. A variety of tile sizes are available to choose from, including 6” x 6” , 8” x 8” , and 12” x 12” which extensively allows for unique patterns and schemes to be created with common sense. The colors are also easily adaptable in appearance as these tile pieces are made to be applied in specific styles and patterns.

Colors such as Sand gives out a light tan for rooms with less light while the Stonehenge piece is a light brown tile suitable for all rooms. The Mercury is a greyish white texture not unlike a snowy noise pattern on an analogue TV. The Graphite comes in a dark almost grey brown while the Truffle whips a pinkish tan. Eastern charm finds in Saffron while tints of pink make Fawn.

There are many more available under other tones in this collection, allowing you to easily customize your space with unique designs and patterns which is truly special only in your home.