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Crossville Empire Porcelain

Crossville Empire - Marble Look Porcelain Stone at Ecomoso


Made in the USA with Sustainable Methods

Proving what’s old can be made shiny and new again is the Crossville Empire Collection: a modern flooring remake on an old classic - spun back to life with a new favorite set of core traits which remain true to the original. Empire has always been - and will continue to remain - a gorgeous porcelain tile collection with the authentic and rich look of marble. Its natural ability to mirror the variable and durable characteristics of natural stone is nothing short of breathtaking.

While perfectly fine in the likes of enchanting 19th-century
French châteaus, the Crossville Empire porcelain stone flooring series is truly the most functional for modern masters of style and has become wildly popular amongst industry porfessionals such as interior desingers, architects, builders and contractors and especially home renovators. Each of the nine versatile colors that make up Empire’s sophisticated palette display artistic blends with moderate shade and tone variations that lend the look and timeless texture of true marble, with the superior performance of Certified Porcelain Stone® - which means the tile is certified genuine porcelain by the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCS) is meeting the standards of less that .5 percent in water absorption.

The color palette opens up with a toast to tradition in Cadet White, a clean and crisp linen, along with Marquis Greige, another clean and crisp hue, with gray undertones. The Empire collection strikes black with Black Swan - with subtle and lightly-colored cracked veins for an enchanting and elegant dark marble look; and in Midnight Blue a deep abyss of blue features slightly lighter blue shades for fine and rich detailing. In both Palais Temple and Corsican Creme, subtle details set off two different shades of tans and light yellows for a bright and vibrant look; while Emperor’s Gold is a fiery blend of while, yellow, gold and browns for a deluxe and upscale look that will leave a lasting impression for a very, very long time to come. The final two colors in the collection are centered around the popular gray flooring trend. For more of a silver or cement look grey, General’s Grey is the classic hue of the pair; Empress Silver is more of an understated golden yellow with a grey wash over it - both gorgeous colors and each easy to install for a collection specifically made for commercial and residential projects like interior floors, interior and exterior walls, countertops and more.

By far the most exciting part of the brand new Empire Collection: the fact that is stays true to its nuanced, authentically marbleized stone look, which has made it wildly popular in the architecture & design world. The decision to give the classic Empire collection a modern renovation was completely inspired by customer feedback - meaning you created this. The madeover nine-color palette is made of some of the old colors mixed in with some of the new hues, with both warm and cool tones represented. “The range of colors invites designers to create ombre effects on floors or walls - going from light to dark in gradient shades within an installation,” said Crossville’s VP of Marketing Lindsey Waldrep.

The addition of the different grays in the most on-trend color palette shows the rising popularity of the color itself as a neutral foundation in modern design. But perhaps the most amazing thing about the Empire Collection is the range of new sizes to play with. From large format to small mosaics, tiles are available in an 18x36-inch size, a 6x36-inch size, in 24x24-inch tiles, 12x24-inch tiles, 12x12-inch tiles, and smaller 2x2-inch mosaics - which are offered on 12x12-inch mesh-back sheets for easy installation.

Additionally, special plank sizes may be ordered through Crossville’s Get Planked Program, and there is no minimum square footage required.

This collection is also made in the spirit of sustainable flooring and eco-friendly habits, with 20% recycled content, and is perfect for commercial and residential use on interior floors and walls, or exterior vertical surfaces. And because variety is the spice of life, each color and size in the Empire series is available in either a Polished or Unpolished finish for a glossy or matte look. The design options available within the Crossville Empire series are incredibly vast and will make designing your next empire a breeze.

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