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Crossville Garden Porcelain

Crossville Garden Porcelain

It’s alright if you are not able to have a garden in your new apartment but let Crossville’s Garden porcelain tile collection inspire you instead to create one. Gardens are not overrated even if you lived in a urban setting in the middle of a city. Having some potted plants or even a balcony with old wineboxes can magically turn into a private garden in a crowded city.

Crossville’s Garden porcelain collection is quite the inspiration with never before seen colors like dark greens presented in it. Two things you can do to create a garden like home, one is with tiles which are inspired by the colors of springs like greens, woody browns and blooming golds while the other is to make a real garden even in a small tight space.

The lovely grass like soft texture and the green that is presented on the Crossville Garden’s Colonade will remind you have feet walking on carpet grass in spring. Use this as your kitchen backdrop and backsplash and turn your kitchen into a real garden space. Recycle your old plastic bottles, containers and wooden boxes into herb growers. Grow some basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano and parsley and you will never have to shop for them again! If you have enough sunlight coming in, try even a little tomato plant and we hear that onions are not that hard to grow.

Crossville’s Garden Arboretum has the barky texture and sturdy brown of an old, oak tree standing in an old park in the spring. This porcelain tile set into your apartment living room will be consistent in style if you have beautiful paintings of pink cherry blossoms in the wall. Garden’s Belvedere’s gold is just the spirit of the sun coming alive at dawn. Fabrics made of silk, chiffon and cotton will fall well with this tiles features.