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Crossville Glass Blox

Crossville Glass Box

Ever since the beginning of tile time, or 1986 if you are referring to the wonderful likes of Crossville Inc., Crossville has worked hard to provide their customers with only the highest quality of porcelain, ceramic, and glass tile products. That being said, the Crossville Glass Blox collection has so much going for it that, really, we don’t even know where to start with explaining how much we love this collection. So, we will simply do our best and say that this collection holds beauty both inside and out. Now, to be more specific, Crossville Glass Blox holds a few mini-series, if you will, and can be found in twenty-seven bright solid colors, seventeen neutral solids, as well as fourteen blends. Additionally, all forty-four colors can be obtained in a variety of field tile as well as mosaic styles. So, if you will, please allow us to break it down for you even further: whether it is a simple four inch by four inch piece that you need, or a ½” x 6” liner, this collection has you covered. Or, if you are more into the mosaic side of the tile world, this wonderful collection offers a one inch by one inch, a ½” x 2”, and a two inch by four inch, all of which are mesh mounted on twelve inch sheets.

Now, we mentioned inner beauty and it comes in the form of a donation to the Common Thread for the Cure. Yep, that’s right. Not only is this collection beautiful, Crossville Glass Blox also gives right back.