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Crossville Main Street

Crossville Main Street

Crossville’s Main Street tile collection is like an upgraded All-American tile, making it a great foundation for any home or commercial space. With a contemporary palette of neutral, sought-after travertine stone-inspired tones and textures, it’s an especially welcome departure from your usual mainstream commercial, design, or home DIY solutions.

What I'm saying is, you or your buyer will go nuts for this tile upon install. From Traditional to Contemporary, uptown to downtown, we've got the right color and size to fit your needs. You'll easily find what you're looking for in Crossville Main Street porcelain tiles, from dark to light, in five elegant colors: Cinema Champagne, Cafe Caramel, Bistro Brown, Gallery Grey, and Boutique Black.

Have fun with this! Mix and match the colors of Crossville Main Street tiles for a cool checkerboard floor, countertop, walls, or backsplash at home or in your indoor commercial space. Or choose colors and sizes to change up each area while still coordinating and building a bustling Main Street flow from room to room beautifully.

In our superior strength Porcelain Stone® listings you'll find 18 x 18, 12 x 12, 6 x 18, 6 x 6, and 2 x 2 Mosaic sizes with coordinating 4 x 12 Bullnose and 6 x 12 Cove Base. Once installed (easy peasy) you'll enjoy low maintenance care; just use hot water (with a little cleaning product only as needed), and that will be all that you need to keep the floor looking fresh and clean and you can run along to enjoy yourself.