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Crossville Moonstruck Porcelain

Crossville Moonstruck Porcelain

Be completely "struck" by our striking Crossville Moonstruck Porcelain series that boldly goes beyond your typical porcelain tile. Crossville has given you an "otherworldly, yet invitingly familiar," tile that's going to have you grabbing for the oxygen mask. The company describes this collection as "sandstone-textured and striation-rich". They've told us "its landscape-inspired warm to cool colorways with flowing directional veining recall both ancient native rock formations and untouched celestial surfaces—to a universally striking effect." And we agree, Earthlings.

Use our Crossville Moonstruck Porcelain collection in both commercial and residential settings and designs on interior floors, countertops, and walls. You can even use this product on exterior walls. Choose from honed, Cross-Sheen® finish tile in 12"x24" or 18"x36" sizes (and matching trim as needed) and run these tiles up the wall or across your floors for a gasp-worthy effect in your new favorite space.

SPACE. Get it? Space? Ahem.. then add just the right accents and furniture to continue the look.

The Crossville Moonstruck Porcelain tile collection is no alien to giving you the desired effect on your home or business projects. Hire someone to install or DIY this, you won't be sorry. We would go to the ends of the Earth -- no, we would go to the moon and back -- to bring you this collection, we think it's that versatile and gorgeous. Strap into your rocket ship, we're about to blast off with a cool, new updo on your bland living or office space.