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Crossville Reclamation Porcelain

Crossville Reclamation Porcelain

Reclaim the urban glam style of the industrial evolution together with your love for hiphop with Crossville’s Reclamation porcelain tile collection. Hip hop never really went away, it just became more versatile mixed with other rhythm and tones too. The principle is the same with how reclaimed wood is taken from old houses and barns to be reinvented into something flashy and groovy, like flooring and in this case, emulated perfectly by porcelain.

Crossville’s Reclamation is a porcelain tile collection created with the ever savvy digital production technology. With its urban influences and appearance, Reclamation echoes the comeback spirit of reclaimed materials and revitalized cities. Antique lumber from yesteryear buildings is a very popular material for the making of cabinetry, siding, architectural details, flooring and furniture. What could be more romantic than the thought of having a piece of history from a torn down clock tower or barn respirited as furniture in your home.

The Reclamation line from Crossville has four distinct colors – Whiskey Lullaby, Cotton Exchange, Steel City and Tobacco Road – are comprised of a mix of wood and concrete looks blended to capture an industrial chic look that’s versatile-and modern with a hint of nostalgia. Install a mixed and match variety look into your living room like Whiskey Lullaby together with Cotton Exchange. The decoration idea with regards to furniture, upholstery and drapery is boundless here. You can mix in shades of beiges and browns in window dressing and try solid color looks for furniture.

America’s industrial past is showcased here in such romantic ways with Crossvilee’s Reclamation that it would be a shame not to use these features to enhance your home. Whiskey aged in barrels, cottons rolled in bulk in unending fields, tobacco plucked by gentle hands and steel bent and shaped into skyscrapers are a great inspiration for your contemporary urbane chic.