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Crossville Savoy Porcelain

Crossville Savoy - Discount Stone Look Porcelain Tile from Ecomoso

A Savvy Stone Look Tile

Reminiscent of the iconic tiles favored by 19th-century architects and artisans, Savoy Porcelain Stone tile replicates the handmade look of yesteryear in colors, shapes and sizes made for advancing modern-day designs. Savoy tiles are manufactured to appear handmade. Due to this handmade appearance, variations in size, thickness, flatness and color are to be expected. Therefore, blending of the tile before and during installation is recommended.

With five gorgeous colors and a multitude of different shapes, sizes and finished, this collection of affordable porcelain stone look tile has a wide range of design possibilities - dare we say, endless? We could list all of them, but we would rather you take a look below or you may end up reading for another two days. There are also a vast number of decorative trim pieces available, like a quarter round, beaded liner, pencil liner, quarter round beak, chair rail and corner, and various moldings and bullnoses, as well as a few others.

Shop the Savoy Collection below.