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Crossville Shades Porcelain

Crossville Shades Porcelain

When you’re a colour mixologist, you would know that a tint is a particular color blended in with white which increases the lightness of the colour and a shade is where These little trick of mixing vibrant colors with neutrals such as black and white keeps the hue of the original color but reduces the chroma or colourfulness.

The Shades collection offered by Crossville is a versatile collection which gives the appearance of sleekness of urban tastes and the refinement of class. So even if all your life you have been living a “ghetto” lifestyle or had trailer park Jesus motifs in your previously humbled abode, now is the time you can splash your new found dollars from your music career or distributor career for a good use. That is to decorate your newly bought palace with these classy six shades of gray in warm or cool tones which are complemented by both warm and cool white hues and not quite so black selection too.

Have a go with the almost transparent Crossville Shades Frost and Crossville Shade Vapor colors that might match faux mink coat you have, or play with the Crossville Shade Fog and Crossville Shade Clay colours that could match that very expensive Italian leather couches and loveseats you have seen at Home Depot. How about Crossville Shades Ash or Crossville Shades Mist color to be set perfectly at the entrance of the hallway in your new crib or pick the Crossville Warm Gray or Cool Gray Mosaics to complement the manly steel set up barbeque set out in the backyard, where you have planned many cool cook-outs with your newfound friends in a new style modern, covered bbq area?

All Crossville Shades porcelain tiles and mosaic contain 20% recycle contents, featuring subtle linear patterns and will give a glamorous bounce to your monochromatic style.