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Crossville Sideview Glass

Crossville Sideview Glass

Whether you like the diamond bling bling of hiphop or the divine colored stained glass of old churches, you will find that the Crossvile’s Sideview Glass caters for both needs in your fabulous style. Prepare to be dazzled by the multi babbled mosaic glass tiles. Some people are just naturally fabulous and if you are one of those, you know that the house you are living in has to match that fabulosity.

To achieve that kind of fabulousness, you will need the fabulousness of Crossville Sideview Glass’s razzle-dazzle art deco grandeur. These richly faceted metallics reflect eye-catching style from no matter what angle you look at. Available in polished or matte, these stunning showpiece cuts with sparkling accents will blow away all who lay eyes on it like some lost gem in an Elizabeth Taylor’s tiara.

A modern interpretation of the art deco style is presented in four fabulous colors which come in the blue tinted Tungsten, the silvery metallic shine of Silver, the golden yellow of Gold and the pink tinted tiles of Copper. You can acquire the glitz and glamour of your perceived fabulousness in full scale sophistication with 12x12 sheets comprising of 3x3 mosaic tiles or just get a hint of glint with the collection’s border or liner options.

Crossville’s Sideview Glass collection is recommended for fabulous interior walls of living rooms, side rooms, kitchens, your kitschy dining room or covered exterior wall applications. Install Sideview Glass as the finishing touch of the visible side of your kitchen or counter area for that extra oomph. Have them flanking a dipped wall area in your living room where your television sits. Use the liners as the edgy border that will lift up the lights around counters. All kinds of styles and decoration ideas are aplenty with these glass mosaic glasses.