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D & M Provence Hardwood Collection

Provence Hardwood Collection

Only the D&M Provence Hardwood Collection can take a log and turn it into a luxurious and lusty line of flooring that you cannot live without! At the risk of sounding like a Harlequin romance novel, we must simply gush over the hardwood beauty of these planks, or we will wonder forever, what could have been...

I didn't want to draw attention to my already too-fast beating heart, but when my eyes met the knotwork on the wood, I wanted to yield to my naughty thoughts and just nail it to the floor right then and there! Trembling, I ran my finger the length of every 9/16" x 6" stiff wooden board in the Provence collection; some smooth, some rippled with the texture of hand scraped workmanship. There were so many options... Which to choose? The tall, dark, and handsome Amber Creek Walnut; the bronzed body of Austin Hickory, or his younger brother, the brawny Bolder Hickory? Then there were the honest, good looks of Bridgewater Walnut; the dreamy chocolate colors of Davis Maple; the swarthy look of Freeport Maple. To confuse things, the elegant young Princeville Maple with his golden yellow locks; the tawny tones of Santa Fe Maple; the distinguished refinement Silver Spur Maple, and the hearty home grown goodness of Wheatland Maple all made my decision terribly difficult.

And then, I knew... As long as I planned safely and didn't catch any splinters from another flooring, I could have them all! After all, I had ten rooms in my home - one for every floor! Now, each floor would have a place in the heart of my home! How could I ever live without all of my loves in my life?

For lust at first sight, complete with a happy ending, order your lusty D&M Provence Hardwood floor today, and pound it in place all night long! Ahem... So to speak.