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Daltile Cape Coast Glazed Ceramic Tile

Daltile Cape Coast Glazed Ceramic Tile

If coastal areas, lagoons and capes are your interior design inspiration then please do consider Daltile’s Cape Coast porcelain collection as your basic design materials. These travertine like tiles can be an addition for a contemporary design or something a little bit more traditional circa your grandma and granddad style in the 70s.

Daltile’s Cape Coast porcelain collection brings some of the retro memories of the 70s when Hollywood stars took their luxury living to a whole new height. By the mid 60s and early 70s, the whole business of being a celebrity was becoming more of a trend while studios just threw millions at them. This gave birth to the whole concept of making, selling, buying and consuming the best of the best in material items.

Of course, rich Hollywood types build houses and living spaces with the best of the best and more than once the look of coastal styles were adapted. Either their mega swimming pool areas were designed like beach cottages or they had real beach cottages on real beaches. You can imagine porcelain tiles like Daltile’s Cape Coast to be the welcoming mat for such luminaries as Steve McQueen prancing around in his pool shorts.

The Cape Coast boasts three floor field tiles which are Alpine, Mist and Chateau. The Alpine might have been something that Steve McQueen had around his swimming pool area where palm trees were the in thing to look at. The Mist could have been an addition to a ranch style house Chuck Norris would have loved to live in the 70s when he was still friends with Bruce Lee. The Chateau would have the tile of de jour in the living room of Elizabeth Taylor when she was reconsidering marrying her ex-husband again.

The Cape Coast certainly have an air of celebrity love from yesteryears and would fit in perfectly if you have plans for some vintage items and designs in your home. Even better if you are planning a vintage styled business space for a café, boutique or veterinarian office. Your vintage can be smart, charming and light-hearted or completely classic and arrogant too. Much is possible with this collection.