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Daltile Chalet Porcelain

Daltile Chalet Porcelain Tile

If you haven’t had the pleasure of sitting in a chalet in Switzerland yet, you can try using the Daltile Chalet porcelain tile collection as an entree by installing them in your home just to see how it feels like. Imagine snow covered alpine mountains where green meadows filled with little yellow flowers are surrounding your little chalet where a hot pot stands with a bubbling melt of cheese fondue sauce.

The Daltile Chalet Colorbody collection features a sophisticated and realistic wood visual using the Reveal Imaging Technology. It presents the appearance of beautiful hardwood flooring but with the durability and ease of maintenance that porcelain tiles can offer.

Build a chalet home as part of your main premises or build a little chalet in the backyard and pretend you’re Swiss just to get these splendid looking plank sized tiles installed. Ashen looking winter inspired living rooms with grey tones couches will sit comfortably on top of a floor laid with the Daltile Chalet Rovere porcelain tiles while fashionable looking dining table setting will thank you, being set on floors fitted with the Daltile Chalet Ebano dark planks.

A lot of European houses go for that classic, handsome looking sleek modernista appearance where Ikea furniture is the norm but they do love having side doors which opens out to little gardens with pruned, tall yellow trees in the autumn. To accessorize that look, what could be better than having that door in a room where the Daltile Chalet Pioppo lightly colored planks are laid while the sound of children is heard upstairs?

With the three distinctive color palattes available under the Daltile Chalet porcelain collection, anything is possible so don’t give up that dream yet of chalets and Switzerland and in the meantime enjoy the wood plank look which is already available now a click away.