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Daltile Clio Glass Mosaics

Daltile Clio Glass Mosaics

If you are into bling bling that makes you feel like one of those reality show televisions albeit tacky, try the Daltile Clio Mosaics as part of your house ensemble. Daltile takes the whole bling bling deal to a whole new level with Clio Mosaics. Even the name Clio has a certain reality show Hollywood type ring to it.

Behold the perfect pairing of sophistication and daring design with Daltile’s Clio Mosaics in ways that you have thought of most times. This collection is a fresh blend of stone and glass in a versatile mosaic and screams daring and dashing at you. When you think of reality shows and their stars, daring and unconventional comes to mind mostly like this collection from Daltile. The rich look of polished stone is randomly mixed with glass in glossy and frosted finishes to give it the bling bling feature.

Unlike a reality star, you can stretch your creativity as you contemplate installing it vertically, horizontally or cut down to smaller pieces to be used as accents to another tile. This unique stone and glass mosaics come in six different designs that will make Beyonce envy you. Shiny colours in gold are achieved under Nox, Hera and Selene. Absolutely perfect for your vanity areas where you want lights, camera and action to be in your face while you put on your cougar make-up to go out for a night of clubbing.

Take the luxurious look all the way into your kitchen, hallways, entryways and romantic dining areas with the darker brown Eos and Boreas. Though shiny and in your face but still subdued enough for a touch of muted romance. Your not so glaring mahogany dining tables with dark wood comfy chairs will go well with these on the walls while rich, wood cutlery cabinets are also made up to be accessory items for displays.

The lightest and most silvery colored offering under this collection, the Luna is the perfect choice to blind our neigbours completely in the night if they are the voyeuristic type. Mix this mosaics with some bright disco lights and have a blast every night in your own home. Daltile’s Clio Mosaics will win you over time and time again as you proudly admire your unique and stylish new space.