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Daltile Cristallo Glass

Daltile Cristallo Glass Mosaic Tile - Affordable Glass Tile Flooring and Glass Mosaics

Recycled Glass: Mosaics with Class

Some of the finest and most beautiful things in the world are made of crystal. With this in mind, the Daltile Cristallo Glass Collection was created - a standout in the world of glass mosaic tiles. Cristallo is a collection that features a stunningly stylish color palette, a wide variety of glass decorative accents, not to mention all of the incredible benefits of glass tile - like durability and longevity, to name a few.

The variety within this exciting new collection makes it the perfect glass tile for residential projects on floors, walls, countertops and exterior patios. The Cristallo glass mosaic tile series is also suitable glass tile for commercial walls and backsplashes, pool linings - both exterior glass mosaic tile and interior glass mosaic tile. The reason this gorgeous series is able to be used so diversely? Not only does Daltile believe in innovation in design, they also believe in making recycled glass tile and doing what is right for the environment. The advances in manufacturing and technology by Daltile can be viewed by clicking here.

The dreamy use of color in the Daltile Cristallo Glass Mosaic Tile Collection is so intoxicatingly fresh, that it’s probably a good thing there are only four colors to choose from (otherwise we’d recommend driving this home with a designated buyer).

The Cristallo glass mosaic field tiles are 4x4 inches in size, and begin with one of our favorite colors in the collection - Cristallo Aquamarine - a seamless and heavenly blend of pearly, light pastel pink, a soft and understated, creamy yellow, and a faded grayish-blue around the edges, creating an enchanting, pearlescent effect that not only captures the eye, it grabs hold of it. If the gorgeous fiery colors of the desert could be captured in one piece of affordable glass mosaic tile, Cristallo Smoky Topaz is it. With subtle blazes of oranges, reds and smoky browns - this is an intoxicating blend of the beautiful colors of the Southwest, with the perfect level of softening to the often loudly vibrant hues. In Cristallo Peridot, understated yellowish green tones make this color more earthy and a little more downplayed than the other three shades in this series of beautiful and unique glass mosaic tiles. Finishing alongside Aquamarine as our co-champion in this group, the most striking and interesting color design among this set of designer glass tile mosaics is Cristallo Black Opal, which looks like an artist’s interpretation of a volcanic eruption, with an explosion of bold purples and oranges that will set your project on fire. In fashion, this is what they call a statement piece. See for yourself by clicking here.

The options most definitely don’t stop there. The bulk of the Cristallo Glass mosaic tile collection consists of a vast array of decorative glass accent pieces - with eight different types of glass Daltile Cristallo liners available. From “smallest” to “largest” the eight different styles of Cristallo glass tile decorative accents are: glass Scallops, glass Pencils, glass Beads, glass Ropes, glass Torellos, glass Vines, glass Perennials, and glass Chair Rails.

Now, we have always believed that it would be incredible to have a crystal ball to guide us in life, but it certainly does not take one to know what the next step is. See what's on sale at Ecomoso below - browse the Daltile Cristallo Glass Mosaic Tile Collection. A stunning showcase of designer glass mosaics are what we see in your future.