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Daltile Emblem Ceramic Tile

Daltile Emblem Ceramic Tile

If you are gonna fake it you had better make sure that you are convincing. What they don’t know won’t hurt them – or your wallet. The Emblem ceramic floor and wall tile collection is more economical than wood flooring and more practical for your filthy lifestyle. You scoundrel. With classic wood grain visuals and a smooth surface, Emblem is the perfect choice for spaces that need the durability of tile without sacrificing the style and charm of a wood look.

Wood is a natural material: it ages, becomes weathered, and changes color due to sunlight exposure and use. With the Emblem ceramic tiles you only need to worry about what color they are now, and not what color they will be in five or ten years. A transparent, protective wear layer is resistant to excitable animals, sticky fluids, and dangerously high heels. Life is messy, and it’s fun that way. So don’t change your lifestyle, just close the curtains and don’t forget to wipe up the evidence.

Going light or dark with wood grain can create an entire vibe throughout, and determines what you're able to do with – and in -- your space. For instance, you don't want dark walls with dark wood unless you are designing for an opium den or the Bat Cave. And light wood with light colors may feel more cottage-y than you're wanting. Composed of both Pre and Post-Consumer materials, and made in Monterrey, Mexico the Emblem Ceramic collection comes in a single, classic 7 1/16" x 19 11/16" beam.