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Daltile Endeavors Glass

Daltile Endeavors Glass Mosaic Tile - Glass Wall Tile, Glass Backsplash Mosaics

A Glass, Metal and Decorative Accents Collection

The archaic definition of endeavors is to strive to achieve something - and in the radical new Daltile Endeavors Glass Mosaic Collection, nothing short of phenomenal is achieved. This metallic look collection is designed specifically for inspiration when designing unique walls or backsplashes and can be installed as commercial wall tile or residential wall tile. The perfect collection for interior designers, commercial builders, contractors, architects and DIY project undertakers - Daltile Endeavors reaches for the stars, and just keeps going.

The decorative glass mosaic metal look tiles are impeccably made in ⅝-inch sized random mixtures of glass, stone and metal adorning accents on nominal 12x16-inch sheets.

There are eight different color patterns in the collection of designer glass tile, including our favorite - Daltile Endeavors Mystic Glass. Mystic is a mix of black, charcoal gray and silver-gray, and we imagine it embellishing the most creative and inventive backsplashes and accent walls - for residential and commercial projects alike. Another darker piece in this artistic glass wall tile collection is Endeavors Zen, which uses the same color palette as Mystic, the difference being charcoal gray becomes the star in this show. Also borrowing a similar color palette - with a walk on the lighter end of the spectrum that introduces white to the team - are Endeavors Avant Garde and Endeavors Neo Classic.

Brighter colors make their entrance next, with a stunning blend of a variety of browns, tans, burnt sienna - with green even sneaking in for a lovely performance in Endeavors Spirit. Another one of our favorites in Endeavors Meditation - which combines glass, stone and metal accents for a striking punch of color and texture. If you’re really looking to brighten up a room with gorgeous glass mosaic tile, Endeavors Sitar is a riveting mix of different shades of brown and looks like it was washed with a burnt orange, which really livens things up in this glass wall tile party. Endeavors Tambura is the final color in this collection of unique glass mosaic tile from Daltile, and is a perfect example of how light and dark balance each other out when they are in the right relationship.

The Daltile Endeavors Glass, Metal and Decorative Accents Collection will help you achieve your perfect glass accent wall or backsplash - and then you will be the star of the show when it comes to design capability.