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Daltile Esta Villa Glazed Porcelain

Daltile Esta Villa Glazed Porcelain

It is usually a bad thing when people refer to your home as a jungle, but the contemporary stone-inspired tiles in the Esta Villa collection hint at the exterior living space beyond the your doors. Visually inspired by the soft look of natural stone but at a competitive price point, this glazed porcelain collection closely mirrors the natural tones and depths of Rapolano Italian stone to create a remarkably realistic look.

These tiles actually fight the natural progression of the outdoors moving indoors – when your family tracks gritty sand through your pristine home and leaves muddy footprints behind grimy feet the tile will remain low-maintenance and easy to clean. Who doesn’t want to recreate the cool crunch of damp sand underfoot without the unfortunate side effect of gritty bits in your bits and sand in your sheets? Create a courtyard feel indoors without the buzzing mosquitos and noise pollution associated with those dreaded summer garden parties that always sound like a good idea until you’re eating sweaty potato salad off a soggy paper plate.

Install this rock-reminiscent tile in any room with access to the outdoors to blend the border between your home and garden. With palette of neutral color tones like Garden White, Terrace Beige, and Cottage Brown the Esta Villa collection boasts a tile to suit every space and purpose and creates an organic sense of movement within each unique tile. Ranging in size from a pebbly 2” x 4” brick-joint mosaic to pond-sized 10” x 14” wall tiles and boulderous 18” x18” floor tiles, this glazed porcelain collection gives you the glitz and glamour of the great outdoors without the goo and grime.