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Daltile Exhibition Porcelain Tile

Daltile Exhibition Porcelain Tile

Instead of becoming a rude exhibitionist you can choose Daltile’s Exhibition colorbody porcelain tiles instead as the show off you want for your new place. If you had just moved in a new area, for sure you would want to keep all your personal preference private until you get to know your new neighbours well enough. Once that happens, you would want to be able to show off private parts of yourself, meaning the private parts of your house which are lovingly decorated.

Daltile’s Exhibition is truly an exhibition in itself for homes and commercial properties that needs to be in forefront of design ideas. That just means you want everyone coming into your home to “ooh” and “ahhh” when they look at your shapes, sizes, tiles, furniture, draperies and everything. This porcelain tile collection will be the perfect choice for your flooring and wall needs.

The Daltile Exhibition is available for your patio, countertops, backsplashes, pool decking, pool linings and everything else you can think of. Choose from under the Cement Visual collection where the darks are called Modern Tan, Dark Grey and Black while the beige comes in Modern beige, Taylor Beige and Stark White. The greys are covered under Grey and Trend Grey. Under the Fabric Visuals, you can choose between Borrel or Twill and Ecru and Fray.

The Exhibition collection takes its inspiration from trendy art galleries and stylish exposés in the art industry. It takes on two looks, intricate linen fabric and cement, for a distinct and expressive appearance. When combined together expertly, these two visuals coordinate and complement each other perfectly. Exhibition’s artistic personality pairs especially well with large and contemporary spaces so if you are planning huge offices in plazas, this would be the collection you are vying for. The collection’s warm and cool color tones complement the most diverse palettes so it will be comfortable for all the different kinds of people that may grace your living spaces.