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Daltile Florentine Glazed Porcelain

Daltile Florentine Glazed Porcelain

Do you prefer tea time to Starbucks? Is football (soccer) more fun to watch than (American) football? You may have been born on the wrong side of the Atlantic. When you enter a European building, you can walk on the floors that are hundreds of years old. In America, everything is off limits. Maybe Europeans have the right idea this time: living more casually and appreciating the wear and tear created from use and aging. If your Americans sensibility dictates that your home remains a bit more pristine but you can’t afford to rope off half of the rooms in your home, the Florentine Glazed Porcelain Tile Collection is your answer. No home should be treated like a museum.

Marble stains easily, but combine your hectic American life with this tile collection and you won’t need to worry about staining or rusting. Made of glazed porcelain, these tiles are perfect for those of us who admire the elegance of marble and stone, but desire the durability and low-maintenance of ceramic tile.

This ageless style mimics the unique characteristics of marble and stone with a color palette of crisp Carrera whites, neutral Nociolla tans and fresh Argento grays. Get the luxurious look of old world natural stone in a sustainable porcelain tile that is available in floor and mosaic tiles, as well as wall tiles, but not ideal for exterior floors or patios. The Florentine collection comes in 12x12, 12x24, and 24x24 floor tiles, 10x14 and 12x24 wall tiles, in addition to a 2x4 brick-joint mosaic.